Automatic Double Side Wire Cutting Stripping and Crimping Machine

.       Display :  Touch panel
·       Function: cut, single/double end stripping, single/double end  crimping
·       Production rate: 100mm, 4300pcs/H
·       Available cable: AWG14~AWG32
·       Cutting tolerance: ±1mm
·       Cutting Length: 1~99999.9mm
·       Swing arm mode: motor
·       Wire take-up mode: swing arm
·       Crimping force: 2T or customized base on products
·       Stripping length: 0-10mm
·       Detector: wire on or not, crimp abnormal, air lower, knot
·       detection, paper detection
·       Air supply:  0.5~0.7MPA
·       Available wire: electronic wire and anti-high temperature wire
·       Available terminal: continuous vertical or horizonal terminal


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Two Core Flat Wire Cutting Stripping and Twisting Machine

Product Description
Model: IE260T Two Core Flat Wire Cutting Stripping and Twisting Machine.


High End high-precision, high speed, multifunctional the English version available now at Indoe Enterprises Noida at best price.
This machine you can use different types of PVC For Electronic wire Teflon wire, Glass Fiber Cotton, Isolated lines, Coaxial, Set Pipelines, Automatic Cutting, Stripping, Semi-Stripping Peeling the middle of multi-stage, Multi-layer Peeling.
Special features such as twisted wire drift can instantly transform the wire and size.

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Automatic Double Wire cutting and stripping machine
  • IE-220 Automatic Cable Cutting & Stripping Machine Indoe Enterprises IE-220 AC110V/220V 180W 60HZ/50HZ intelligent control LCD
  • 2. Blade Material: Tungsten Steel / White Steel Electronic cable, Teflon cable,silicone cable, fiberglass cable,isolation cable, coaxial cable,sheathed cable
  • 3. AWG#12-AWG#32 0.1-99mm (depends on material of wire) ±(0.002*L)mm 0.1-6000mm 8000-10000PCS/H <70dBA 2 Pcs (supply ODM service) Spare parts: we’ll provide nylon roller and pipes with the machines for different types of wire.
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