Semi-auto wire winding and tying machine



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Machine features

This machine is suitable for AC power cable, DC power cable, USB data cable, video cable, HDMI
high-definition cable All kinds of transmission lines are twisted and tied into a bundle by using the
wrapped iron core, and can also be used for other purposes such as hanger

Machine parameters
Model IE-SR9050
Power AC220V 50/60HZ200w AC220V 50/60HZ200W AC220V 50/60HZ300w
L485xW420xH340mm L485xW435xH340mm L550xW610xH340mm
Weight 40KG 42KG 65KG
Applicable tie length 75-140mm 120-200mm 220-300mm
Applicable strapping
diameter 08-30mm 018-45mm 040-80mm
Inner Diameter of
Winding Coil 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-300mm
Winding pitch 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-300mm
Taping speed 0.6 s/time 0.6s/time 0.6s/time
Number of coils 1-6 circle 1-6 circle 1-6 circle
Winding speed 1-13 circles per second 1-13 circles per second 1-13 circles per second
Tie requirements Rubber core ties Rubber core ties Rubber core ties

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