Heavy duty Sleeve cutting machine IE-E100



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Machine features
1. This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device to set the length of cutting tape, accurate,
simple operation, less loss.
2. This machine is suitable for heat-shrinkable sleeving, line wire, PVC sleeving, insulating paper,
double-sided tape, adhesive tape, cotton tape, zipper, etc. of fixed-inch cutting use.
3. According to the different materials, you can choose to add a heating device or choose to heat the
microcomputer pipe cutting machine.

Machine parameters
Model GVB-100DX GVB-200DG GVB-100DG
Voltage 100V 220V 100V 220V 100V 220V
Power 1/4HP 1/8HP 1/4HP
Weight 34 kgs 55 kgs 35 kgs
Tolerance 1~100mm 1~200mm 1-100mm
cut length 0.1-9999.9mm 0.1-9999.9mm 0.1 -9999.9mm
size L420 x W320 x H360mm L430x W360xH320mm L430 xW360 x H320mm

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