Automatic single ended twisting wire tin dipping machine



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Machine features
1. Long and short wire switching mode without replacing the clip, to achieve a second change, the first of its kind in China.
2. Realize motorized wire twisting, and realize two kinds of twisting mode, forward and reverse, twisting fast and slow, loose and tight can be quickly debugged in the touch screen.
3. The front and rear stripping stroke is increased, so it can do large stroke stripping.
4. The front end of the upper and lower pressure end of the use of dual guide devices, to achieve gapless upper and lower pressure end, to ensure that the thin wire kid stripping pressure end of a
high degree of precision stability.
5. the back end of the rotary tin using 750 watts of high-power Mitsubishi servo and precision planetary reducer, to achieve fast and accurate tin.
6. ultra-wide blade frame, conducive to the protection of the core, in addition to the suction base and installed with blowing air blowing rubber device to further ensure that the rubber collection
7. The winding can be optional rotary winding device, which is conducive to long wire winding.
8. Realization of motor electric type rotary scraping tin, from air pressure interference.
9. The heater adopts hot runner device, with long service life.
10. Equipped with horizontal, straight end sub die two kinds of cutting material leakage device and blowing suction device, rosin, tin dross tin ash, etc. have pipeline recovery device.
11. with a smoke erosion recovery device, so that the machine long-term clean, to maintain a good working environment in the workshop.
12. machine parts using anti-corrosion materials, from corrosion; low noise, high precision, high efficiency, long service life, high cost performance。

Machine parameters

Model GVYN-001
Weight 400 KG
Appearance size 1800x650x1300mm
Working power AC220/50HZ
Function Wire cutting, single-end stripping, double-end stripping, single-end terminating, single-end twisting, single-end tinning
Workable wire materials AWG32#-AWG16#
Productivity 6600-7000 pcs/h, AWG32#-16#。
Cutting length 13 -850mm
Stripping length Max.11.5mm
Tin dipping length Max.11.5mm
Torsion length 2.5mm-10.5mm
Display mode Touch screen LCD display
Twist mode Digital operation (motor electric twist wire method)
Testing device Crimping detection, missing wire detection, wire knotting, air pressure detection, (can be equipped with terminal pressure monitoring)
Air pressure 6 KG
Transmission structure Precision sewing rod, guide, and reducer

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